2013– The Year In Review & Where SNL Missed the Boat on Some Sketch Ideas!

(Disclaimer: I haven’t been able to watch SNL lately because I’m not awake during their programming slot and we were switching from TiVo to DVR– what a mess. Needless to say, I need to catch up on a few episodes. So maybe SNL did indeed touch on similar topics as listed below and I missed it. I accept your forgiveness in advance.)

This is my list that I threw together. If you can ad to the list funny parodies, short film ideas, whatever, that SNL should have done, tweet it to me or add it in a comment below my blog. This could be really fun and funny.

Let’s have at it:

1. Beyoncé lip-syncs (badly—like an old English-dubbed Chinese movie) a conversation with a friend about her trip to Cuba.  (Here she is with buddy Gweneth.)beyonce







2. Prince William and Princess Kate politely deal with changing their baby’s diaper.


“Oh goodness, but I don’t even wipe my own arse.”



3. Support group of famous women who wear too much mascara and did or said stupid things: pauladean
Paula Dean and Tammy Faye Baker sobbing together, Kathy Lee cries in sympathy—it’s a mascara malfunction frenzy. Other cry mongers appear—Clare Danes and John Boehner. Kim Kardashian poses.


4. Obama tries to set up his own email; he’s totally NOT computer savvy. Sasha and Malia have to help him. His new email is: LeninLover1@gmail.com  obama







dmv5. It’s 2020 and America has implemented Government run healthcare. The set is a hospital E.R. that looks identical to the Post Office, or DMV—long lines, slow, indifferent employees, taking their time, while people croak on line.

6. Ted Cruz during his filibuster. Ted’s getting tired, is about to collapse, but then, Jimmy Stewart (a la Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) comes in with a bag full of letters to Ted. tedcruzjimmystewOne letter is from Mitt Romney and food to keep Ted steady. It’s a Romney favorite– lime Jell-O with rice speckles and canned pineapple. Another letter is from the ghost of Ronald Regan. He tells Ted to do this for the Gipper.

7. True Ghost Stories: Real people retell their dramatic paranormal experiences with ghosts, which are really folks dressed in long sheets.

8. The Long Island Medium parody. Theresa and her husband visit a library. Theresa asks a studying student if his great grandfather died as she is a medium and he’s stepping

theresaforward. The student is in awe. How did Theresa know? Theresa says he’s showing her a can of beans, which is the way he’s telling her he died in World War I. Library people keep “Shushing” Theresa.

larrycaputoTheresa’s husband gets in a fight with them.



9. Weekend Update: Mily Cyrus undergoes a surgical procedure: a tongue reduction; mileyExperts have finally agreed that the problems of the world are NOT the fault of Israel; After all these years, Hilary Clinton has decided to divorce Bill, citing that she wants to be a role model for all women, and that they too should leave a man who lies and cheats… on his diet.


10. NSA workers listen to mundane conversations of citizens, their bored, so they prank call those people back, freaking them out by repeating prankcalltheir conversations out of context, teasing them because they can’t star-69 and find out who’s prank-calling.

Your turn!

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  1. dlreiser@optonline.net says:

    That’s it. I am sending this to Lorne Michaels. You should be working on SNL! Anyone know his email address?

  2. Hilarious! I’d watch all of them!

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