Sometimes I’ll stand in my closet for ten minutes, thinking, trying to keep the number of the day’s outfits to a minimum.

Today I’ll need three.  Why, you ask.

It’s ninety degrees outside so first I’ll need something light and cool to walk my dog.
photo-143I’ll usually put on work-out clothes but I don’t have time this morning for a sweaty run with the pooch, so I’ll wear something summery and subtle.

(Poses are not subtle.)   photo-142

My next outfit will be for my doctor’s appointment.  Why do you need to change your clothes for your doctor, you ask.

Because every doctor’s office is so freaking cold, I’ll freeze my upper cheeks off in the waiting room, never mind, once called in, the teeth clacking whilst changing into the flimsy gown.  Then of course doctors are never on time, so I’ll be in the treatment room, shivering, attempting to cover my lower cheeks with whatever extra fabric I can grasp from the Johnny.  photo-148

But I’ll be prepared.  I will have a sweater with me just in case.  The sweater can be a blanket on my legs or thrown over my shoulders.








This evening I’ll be dining with a girlfriend.  We’ll be going to a vegetarian restaurant so I must look the part.  A gauzy maxi skirt with flip flops, maybe an embroidered Mexican shirt. I should study up on the delights of raw rutabagas.  Or not.  Again, because offices, restaurants and grocery stores blast air conditioning as though we humans have seal blubber under our skin, I’ll have to wear layers.  Am I the only one who is uncomfortable in 50 degrees and shorts? Tonight’s dress code will include long pants and long sleeves, maybe even a light jacket.  (I opted out of the scarf.)  photo-144

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny with a thunderstorm later.  Don’t get me started on the rain gear.

How many outfits do you have to pick out each day?


(Photos provided by Dylan.)


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  1. I always bring a sweater into 80 degree weather in case I venture indoors to a mall or theater. For dog walking I don’t care what I look like (and that’s always the time I run into people). For any functions, I get dressed up for the sheer joy of getting some mileage out of my clothes. Most times I wear the glamorous attire of a writer zoned indoors: pajamas, sweats, or a favorite embroidered blue dress bought from Mexico years ago.

  2. cksteefel says:

    no sweater needed in europe! they understand the common sense of saving energy by not blasting the a/c. :) if i’ve been holed up writing for too long, i too will dress up for errands. i want to see you mexican dress!

  3. says:

    This is the story of my life! Is it something in, or not in for that matter, our blood?

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