A Good Flush

I love a good flush. Not the kind found in a poker game; I don’t even know how to play poker. I’m talking toilets. This country prides itself on her environmentally conscious strides, including a law passed about twenty years ago. In the early 90s, wasting water became a number one concern, so flushing was put at the top of the government’s to-do list. At 3.5 gallons per purge, we were using too much water. The current, ubiquitous low flow toilet allows us no more than 1.6 gallons per rinse. Consequently, my family is using more water per dump because of the triple-flush factor. Too much toilet paper and a second or third flush is in order. One big poop and it’s plunger time.  photo-136

(That’s me looking none too happy about taking the plunge.)






America has it all wrong.

I just got back from Europe where ne’er a toilet be clogged. They use common sense across the pond. It’s called the Duel Flush Technology. There are two obvious buttons to choose from when business is closing and it’s time to liquidate. One button is noticeably larger than the other, to be used for—you guessed it– the loftier elimination.

They’re serious about their crap.

images-2The smaller selection is for the lighter load.  And guess what?  The larger button uses just 1.6 gallons of water! That’s the same as in the U.S.! Then why does it work there and not here? European, Australian and Asian toilets are designed with a larger diameter trapway. In other words, the hole exiting the porcelain is bigger. Duh.

Since our own low-down, low-flow law was passed, American toilets have greatly improved, but I must say, with every bathroom trip I took across Europe, I was ready to expunge my life in Boston in the pursuit of a good flush.

(This is my son and I on our way home from the airport. No flushing frustrations means fewer fights with the formidable fellow.) photo-138

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4 Responses to A Good Flush

  1. You have unraveled the mysteries that are on people’s minds, but far from their lips! Wider diameter and a two button option puts the Europeans ahead in the race of raw sewage. My brother has a Japanese style toilet in San Francisco. He fell in love with it when touring Japan. It squirts, rinses, dries, flushes and does everything but change your TV channel remotely. Very civilized.

  2. I love your insightfulness about something that we spend a lot of time doing every day! Nobody talks about this but changes are definitely in order!

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