Bad Ass Vegan

I met a bad ass vegan. That’s actually what he calls himself and even wore a T-shirt that said, “BadAssVegan.” (

BAV spoke at a Healthy-Food-Prevents-Cancer Conference. (That’s not the actual name but it may as well have been. It was actually called, “Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference.”) Bad Ass could have also been named, Young, Adorable & Black…. Oh, and, really Inspirational. He talked about when he was fourteen years old, he was over three hundred pounds! Look at him now…

(I was so impressed, I even allowed myself to be photographed with flat hair!) photo-124

So how did he do it? He became a bad ass vegan and a bad ass work-out trainer.

I was so inspired I wanted to become a bad ass vegan. But that meant giving up meat and dairy. Hmmm. Life without flesh might be a problem. I see a cow and I imagine four ways to braise. Vegan? Me? The thought was short lived. Besides, one really has to be committed.

I once considered going Kosher, but realized it would have been waaaayyyy too expensive. I would have had to expand my kitchen. Because meat and dairy can never be close enough to wink at each other, a kosher kitchen requires twins of everything: pots, stainless, refrigerators…

At least I wouldn’t have to hire a contractor to become vegan, but it would be a ginormous lifestyle change. I’d have to turn down MnM’s! Becoming vegan would be akin to learning another language– new recipes, using beans I’ve never heard of. What’s Azuki? I’d have to learn how to soak those beans, heck I’d have to become friends with people who wore Birkenstocks with socks! (Note: BAV was not wearing Birkenstocks so this could be a cleche left over from 1993.)

And how would I earn dough as a Bad Ass Vegan? And would I even be allowed to say the word “dough” as a vegan? Like I said, the thought was short lived.

I decided BAV should have his own cooking show. Maybe I can produce it? I’ll ask him. I’ll just send him an email and say, “Hi, I was a random person at that conference and I took a flat-haired picture with you, and I’ve never produced anything except my one-woman show in 1989…I’ll make you a star!  Rachel Ray will eat her heart out– literally.” I’m always up for a new venture, and adventure.  Couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Have you ever made a ginormous lifestyle change?

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2 Responses to Bad Ass Vegan

  1. It is a ginormous lifestyle change, but not one that calls my name. I love all types of food too much to ever become exclusive, though I know vegan has its health benefits. You gave me the idea to explore doing more vegan cooking. I should try to accommodate any future vegan needs since offering a plate of steak tips would be rather rude. However, I’ve yet to host vegan dinner guests (maybe I should keep it that way?) hee-hee.

  2. cksteefel says:

    let me know if you find some good recipes.

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